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Terms & Conditions

!Note : While attending the quiz please do not refresh the page otherwise you will not be able to attend the whole quiz.

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  • Inaugural Quiz on 15th August 2020 following which the Weekly Quiz will be uploaded on a Sunday
  • The Quiz will be available for the entire week to participate till the next quiz is uploaded.
  • Participation in the Quiz is open to all age groups and specialties dealing with PCOS Patients
  • A Live Quiz will be held in December 2020.
  • Participants contesting for winning prizes at Live Quiz must be below the age of 40 years as on 15th August 2020.
  • Single attempt Quiz i.e Each participant will be allowed to attempt the quiz only once.
  • The Weekly Quiz will have a set of 5 questions and each quiz question will be displayed for only one minute.
  • You will have enough time to read the explanation given for the correct answer before you proceed to the next question.
  • The previous quizzes will be archived on the Quizzes Home page for future reference
For those less than 40 years as on 15th August 2020, who wish to enroll for the contest:
  • This will be a 16 week Quiz series and participants will accumulate points during this period.
  • Every Quiz will have 5 questions and each question will carry 10 points
  • Speed for answering the quiz questions will be considered while deciding winners
  • Top 50 participants with maximum points will be able to enroll for the Quiz Contest
  • Top 8 winners of the Quiz Contest shall enter the FINAL VIRTUAL QUIZ
  • To participate in the Quiz Contest & the Final Virtual Quiz participant needs to be a member of The PCOS Society of India
  • Price voucher is non-transferable

For any queries or technical support please write to us on pinali.thepcossociety@gmail.com or whatsapp on +919819219787