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How should PCOS women plan their pregnancies

Debunking the misconceptions around PCOS & Fertility

How can women with PCOS have healthier babies

Navigating PCOS: Tips for Lifestyle, Diet and Medication

Vijayeta - the winner Program: Series 1

Episode 6 - 31st March

Episode 5 - 29th March

Episode 4 - 25th March

Episode 3 - 23th March

Episode 2 - 18th March

Episode 1 - 11th March

Vijayeta-the winner Program: Panel Discussions

Lifestyle & Quality of Life with PCOS, 26th August 2023

Harmonize your Hormones Through Nutrition and Exercise, 29th July 2023

Panel Discussion on PCOS & Infertility - 24 June 2023

Panel Discussion on PCOS & Infertility - 15 April 2023

Panel Discussion on 'Pregnancy outcome in women with PCOS'

Panel Discussion on Lifestyle modification in PCOS


Plan before you Conceive by Dr. Duru Shah , Dr Uday Thanawala.

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Irregular Menstrual Cycles | Dr. Duru Shah | Dr. Lipika Moharana

Does PCOS affect Fertility? | Dr. Duru Shah

PCOS & Assisted Reproduction | Dr. Duru Shah

Diet for PCOS | Dr. Duru Shah | Dr. Lipika Moharana

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Signs & Symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome | Dr. Duru Shah | Dr. Lipika Moharana

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Instagram Live Session

What causes Baldness in PCOS and treatment

What are the treatment options available to manage Hirsutism in PCOS

Skin Darkening or Pigmentation in PCOS

Regular Skin Care Regimen in Acne Skin Care Treatment Important Tips

PCOS Acne What you need to know and treatment

How to know if you have Hirsutism or just excessive body hair

Five wonder food from kitchen for your PCOD

Female Pattern Hair Loss in PCOS Types of Alopecia

Exercise and PCOD

Does Diet help in Losing weight in PCOS 1

Dietary Interventions in PCOD

Cosmetic Concerns and Lifestyle Management in PCOS – What you need to know

Why do PCOS women face Anxiety and Depression?

How to make harmony with Acne and PCOS?

The issue of Irregular Menstrual Cycle with PCOS Women

Infertility and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Explained

Are women with PCOS likely to have children with Autism?

Chances of Miscarriages in PCOS Women

Does removing ovaries cure PCOS?

Ectopic Pregnancy in PCOS - Why it happens & what you should know?

Dr. Duru Shah - How can you manage and treat infertility in PCOS?

How do you test if you have PCOS? What is PCOS Diagnostic Criteria: Dr Duru Shah

Dr. Duru Shah - What are the precautionary steps to take before planning Pregnancy in PCOS?

Dr. Duru Shah - Why do women need to consume Birth Control Pills in PCOS?

Dr. Duru Shah - Infertility in PCOS Women

Dr. Shashank Joshi - Underlying Cause of PCOS: Hormonal Imbalance

Dr. Uday Thanawala - Complications Related To Late Pregnancy in PCOS Women

How Hirsutism(Unwanted Hair Growth) in PCOS affects women with PCOS?

Dr. Rekha Sheth - How to deal with Acne while going through Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Dr. Sangeeta Agrawal - Shedding more light on Early Pregnancy Loss with PCOS Women.

Dr. Shilpa Joshi on Diet for Women with PCOS Women

How to lose weight when diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Ms.Ria - Sharing her experience dealing with PCOS

Ms.Divya Ravishankar - Story on fighting Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome